Come and Hear…Nat

Ever wonder what Nat is thinking? Look no farther than her perfectly-named blog, From Nat’s Brain. The always friendly, always outgoing Nat shares her thoughts on The Man, her life partner of many years, and The Boy, their young son. She’s got plenty to say about family, photography, pop culture, and running marathons.

Nat’s biggest passion, though, is her love of music. It’s pretty safe to say that if Springsteen or Pearl Jam are playing within a 3000 kilometer radius, she’s THERE.

Like many of our Blog Out Loud readers, Nat’s feeling a little nervous about taking the mic. So come on out and give her some big cheers and hugs.


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WHERE: The Prescott, 379 Preston Street, at Preston and Beech
WHEN: Thursday, July 7, 2011 from 7pm to 10pm
WHO: 20+ bloggers reading their favourite post from the past year; plus several photo bloggers displaying their art
WHO'S INVITED: Anyone who likes to hear good writing -- entry is free!

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