Come and Hear…Milan of A Sibilant Intake of Breath!

Milan is passionate about a lot of things, but none more so than the environment. His blog is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in the state of the planet. It’s full of commentary on the performance of Canada and the world as they take on renewable energy, the big business of oil, and the issue of climate change. You can learn a lot about the state of the world from A Sibilant Intake Of Breath – and all with a very personable, readable, and sensible writing style, too.

Milan’s other love is photography, and he’s simply amazing. Any time he blogs about photography tips or camera equipment, you should listen and listen hard. He also has plenty to say about technology, and is often an early adopter of new software; travel, and how to go places without hurting the environment; and politics, both local and global. He’s smart, and his blog is smart, too.

Come and learn a little from Milan at Blog Out Loud.


2 Responses to “Come and Hear…Milan of A Sibilant Intake of Breath!”

  1. 2 Milan July 5, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    Thanks a lot for the write-up and link.

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